Patch Notes

Version 4.0.3

2021-11-28 - Content Patch
You can now modify the speed of firebars
The default speed is 23, negative values make the firebar go in reverse
If the speed is 0 then the firebar will disappear.
Fixed some slight world 4 problems
Leaderboards menu will disappear when pressing the play button when active
Clear your browser cache to receive to changes!

Version 4.0.2

2021-11-25 - Content Patch
Leaderboards can now be updated live without closing and opening the window
The server also now refreshes leaderboards every 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds
You can now set custom zoom caps in your levels!
"minZoom": [number] (for minimum zoom)
"maxZoom": [number] (for maximum zoom)
If there is a problem with the values it'll default to the regular values
However, this goes over all worlds so be careful when you use it.
Clear your browser cache to receive changes!

Version 4.0.1

2021-11-20 - Content Patch
Added static Piranha Plants
To make Piranha Plants static, set 1 as the movement parameter in the editor,
else leave it blank.
Honestly this update is just so I don't turn into GoNow 2.0

Version 4.0.0

2021-10-27 - Content Patch
ADDED Leaderboards
They work the same way they used to.
Leaderboards show the top 10 players of 3 categories, coins, wins and kills.
Leaderboards are also refreshed every 60 seconds.
Good luck climbing the leaderboards and happy grinding!


2021-10-27 - Content Patch
Added halloween themed object sheet ( for now ;) )
Added force start button to developer console.
Clear your browser cache to get new update!


2021-10-26 - Content Patch
Added halloween versions of menu backgrounds
Halloween themed the lobby
Added woodman [from Mega Man] world
This world is created by casini loogi (labeled as w in world select)
Updated fireman [from Mega Man] world
The halloween updates will last until the end of october

Version 3.9.9

2021-09-24 - Content Patch
Added support for looping podium music.
"podiumLoop":true in the world json to make it happen.

Version 3.9.8

2021-09-19 - Content Patch
Updated the order of skins in the skin select page.
If your skin is different just change it back.
Updated Neon to fix lava.
We are approaching version 4.0.0!

Version 3.9.7

2021-09-17 - Content Patch
Removed PVP DMCA due to a million camping spots
Added Mario Zone World
Created by Casini Loogi. Labeled as 'MZ' in world select.
Added Mario Zone PVP World
Mostly a revamped Land 2 PVP

Version 3.9.6

2021-09-14 - Content Patch
Added 60fps animation to water in SMW
Separated power down and pipe sound effects for easier level creation.
Also separated the swimming sound effect with the stomp sound effect.
Replaced the "N" button functionality, now it's a filter names toggle.
Replaced the disclaimer message.
Added custom swim sound listed above.
Changed minimum votes to 5, because 15 was impossible to get before.
Made the world start countdown timer 10 seconds to help slower connections load worlds faster.

Version 3.9.5

2021-09-11 - Content Patch
Note: Date on last patch is wrong but I forgot which day it actually was so it'll have to stay.
Usernames are now always visible regardless of squad code.
Would have created a toggle but most people would've kept it as is so meh
Fixed 90% of crashes that would happen during matches
Settings window now has its own X button.
Minimum votes has been changed to 2 for fun.
This will be changed back tomorrow
Player cap has been changed and is now 30.

Version 3.9.4

2021-08-26 - Content Patch
Fixed softlock in Super Mario Land world
Improved final area in Super Mario World.. world.

Version 3.9.3

2021-08-26 - Content Patch
Added new tile definitions:
15 - Non-Solid Damage block
Same as solid damage, but not solid.
20 - Progressive Item block
If a small player hits it, it dispenses a mushroom, if a big/flower player hits it, a fire flower will be dispensed.
Item blocks are now synced in PVP because it made no sense to not sync after 3.7.6.
Return to lobby button in settings will now be shown and hidden properly.
P.S Check this video out by LinkyTay!:

Version 3.9.2

2021-08-19 - Content Patch
Added custom animated tiles to SMW, SMB3 and SMB2.
Clearing cache for this update is not required.

Version 3.9.1

2021-08-17 - Bugfix Patch
Added back SMB2 world
Fixed custom tile assets files.
PS: If the editor throws a warning, you'll have to go into the json yourself and add the assets file.
It sucks, but, I could not find a solution
Fixed weird alignment of name on profile screen.
COMING SOON: In-game chat (In which you can actually scroll in!)
Might have to restrict this to accounts to prevent spam, but who knows? Let US know in our discord server.

Version 3.9.0

2021-08-15 - Content Patch
All skins are now available to guests as well.
Added support for custom tile animation files.
This allows for SMB3/SMW styled blocks to not appear weird,
however no worlds currently use it.
Made a very minor tweak on the server.
Gray area of register/login/password-change screens won't show if there's no message to show.

Version 3.8.9

2021-08-08 - Content Patch
Ice deceleration has been made slightly shorter.
Link elements will properly stay on the menu instead of disappearing now.
Level warp time is a bit longer so that the music won't randomly cut off.
Removed the 'controls' button from the settings menu.
It was basically useless because controls wouldn't change while in-game.
Increased framerate by a tick.
Wow, 8 days without an update? Take my breathing rights away.

Version 3.8.8

2021-07-30 - Content Patch
Added note blocks
Also updated SMB3, but since the item variation
doesn't exist yet, item note blocks don't work yet.
Added snow world
Created by casini loogi, it uses ice blocks and the 1up flag award.
Added ice semisolids, however no worlds use them yet.
Disabled late entering a match due to a bug that I had no idea how to fix otherwise.
Made ice decelartion shorter because it felt unfair to die because of it.

Version 3.8.7

2021-07-29 - Content Patch
If flag extra data is set to "2", the player receives a 1UP instead of coins.
Added ice blocks
The ice block works but once you touch it you can't
go back to normal physics due to a problem.

This issue has been fixed and ice blocks are now functional!
Removed initial loading screen.
Links won't be hidden when entering a separate menu. (never mind..)
Added note blocks
Animated tiles for these also exist.
Clear your browser cache to get update.

Version 3.8.6

2021-07-26 - Content Patch
Yoshi's Island has been updated to use SNES graphics and will now be referred to as "Super Mario World"
Now labeled as "MW" in world select.
Fixed accidental usage of wrong palette for Special 2
Removed barrier for the big lads area.
Fixed editor example world file extensions.
Updated "Neon World - Castle" to not be underwhelming.
Fixed weird collision for fence in Neon Airship

Version 3.8.5

2021-07-25 - Content Patch
Fixed depth of pipes in special world 2
Special world 1 now uses the same palette as special world 2
You will no longer be granted a life upon starting the game.
In an attempt to make the game easier I made it a lot easier.
Fixed custom music not playing due to a patch from the last version.

Version 3.8.4

2021-07-24 - Content Patch
Fixed Neon World collision bugs.
Added Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) World
Labeled as M2 in world select.
Added Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) skins.
Fixed PVP bugs.
Mostly it sometimes only working in private lobbies.
Fixed random disconnections after a player's death.
Added 15+ new skins to the skin selection.
Removed the "Attempted to instance partially loaded sound data" message.
It always appeared trying to load regular audio files and never when a file was missing.
Removed remaining leaderboard code.
You will now start with 1 life instead of starting with 0 lives.

Version 3.8.3

2021-07-19 - Content Patch
Added back original snow world as a hell world map.
Labeled as "SN" in world select.
Reverted menu theme.
Added back fire man world.
This is the good version of it. Labeled as "F" in world select.
Patch tab icon shows up properly now.

Version 3.8.2

2021-07-16 - Content Patch
Fixed the Snow PVP map.
Moved the "Change Password" button to the profile screen again.
Added a cancel button to the profile for a quick return, however options won't be saved.
To help prevent client crashes, GFX Mods will only accept PNG format files.
Discord: An image of #1 Victory Royale will appear when somebody wins.

Version 3.8.1

2021-07-15 - Editor Patch
You can now change the music and sfx override path directly from the editor
main0.mp3 is now the default music by default.

Version 3.8.0

2021-07-14 - Content Patch
Neon World is finally in Mario Royale!
After nearly 2 years of waiting, it is finally completed.
Added back 5 neon skins.
Fixed alignment of the control button.
The background is blue again.
You can now change your account password directly from the menu instead of the profile on a separate menu.
That both hurt to write and read.
Camera no longer frozen when finishing a level.
Discord patch: Administrators and moderators can no longer speak in #news.

Version 3.7.9

2021-07-13 - Content Patch
Added new royale world: Special World 2
Added new PVP world: Palette plains
Added one more skin
Ingame timer now properly stops in PVP
Guests can now use 5 skins instead of 4.
Removed leaderboard menu.

Version 3.7.8

2021-07-11 - Account Patch
Stats are now stored on the server instead of being stored in cookies.
No more Fortnite stat cheating!

Version 3.7.7

2021-07-11 - Content Patch
Changed player cap to 30
Adjusted podium coin rewards
1st place: 1000 coins
2nd place: 500 coins
3rd place: 250 coins
Adjusted flagpole reward to 250 coins
Fixed Infringio [linkytay's patch]
Added new PVP map: DMCA
Added new skins

Version 3.7.6

2021-07-08 - Content Patch
PVP Mode has been revamped!
2 players are required to start the game, last one standing wins.
Added new PVP worlds, such as:
- Big Island [wingcapman]
- Classic [wingcapman]
- Mario Land 2 [casini loogi]
- Mario VS Luigi [dimension]
- McArena [pyriel]
- Snow [banzai bill]
New skin

Version 3.7.5

2021-07-08 - Editor Patch
You can now change the gamemode directly from the editor in the world tab.

Version 3.7.4

2021-07-07 - Content Patch
Tracking statistics is functional again, however leaderboards are now forever dead.

Version 3.7.3

2021-07-07 - Editor Patch
You will now need to right click to copy [clone tool].
Fixed width of login, register and change password screens.
Additional note: Patch notes will also be listed on GitHub.

Version 3.7.2

2021-07-06 - Content Patch
Added a "Return to Lobby" button in the settings
Level select will now accept text [.txt] files as well.
The editor now also accepts .json and .txt instead of everything, but you still have the option for everything.
Fixed additional tile corruptions
Worlds: hell 2, lost 4
The item block near the start of Hell 2-2 is now infinite.
Just to make the "you only have one shot" thing a little less prominent.
Added new hell worlds
Hell World 4 and Yoshi's Island
Editor patch: You will now need to right click instead of middle click to create an object.
More skins!

Version 3.7.1

2021-07-05 - Content Patch
Fixed tile corruptions
Worlds: lobby, world 4, world lost d, world minus
Fixed discord link
Updated lobby to accommodate new developers
Return to Lobby button fixed.
Save button on the profile screen works again.
Added back editor worlds []
Fixed controls to add turbo jump setting

Version 3.7.0e

2021-07-05 - GitHub
If you find any bugs, please report them on GitHub or #mario-royale-bugs on our Discord.

Version 3.7.0

2021-07-01 - God dammit
Reverted back to 3.7.0, the game kept breaking itself.
Camera will now be frozen when finishing a level.

Version 3.6.4

2020-01-26 - Content Patch
Fixed error messages on console when object spawner spawns non-enemy objects.
Private lobby settings window can be closed and reopened from settings.
Level warp clears out the player's speed.

Version 3.6.3

2020-01-25 - Content Patch
Fixed star music lingering from lobby to game.
Fixed players in the middle of teleporting showing as explosion sprites.
Fixed inability to delete layers in the editor.

Version 3.6.2

2020-01-22 - Content Patch
Added object spawner block.

Version 3.6.1

2020-01-18 - Content Patch
Added infinite item block.
Improved object type selection and object parameter entry in the editor.

Version 3.6.0

2020-01-14 - Content Patch
Devs' sprites are no longer transparent.
Added controls button to the options menu.
Fix: upside-down piranha plant hitbox and sprite position didn't match.
Fix: not slowing down on the floor while underwater and not holding a button.

Version 3.5.9

2020-01-09 - Content Patch
Guests can now only use a limited set of skins.

Version 3.5.8

2019-12-31 - Content Patch
Fireballs are now skin-based.

Version 3.5.7

2019-12-15 - Content Patch
Added water physics (level must be updated to use it).
Improved user experience for the tile editor.

Version 3.5.6

2019-12-05 - Content Patch
Added return to main button in in-game menu and victory screen.

Version 3.5.5

2019-11-30 - Content Patch
Added support for overriding the entire sound/music set on a per-level basis.

Version 3.5.4

2019-10-23 - Content Patch
Stats bar now shows in the lobby as well as on the main menu.
Physics fix: picking up a powerup while standing on a spring no longer launches you into the sky.

Version 3.5.3

2019-10-22 - Content Patch
Added auto move option to the settings window.
Physics fixes: move speed check for entering pipes made symmetrical for moving left vs right, entering a pipe resets horizontal speed.

Version 3.5.2

2019-10-20 - Content Patch
Added sound effects for Gold Flower and Spring.

Version 3.5.1

2019-10-19 - Content Patch
Lobby status display changed to: Players / Votes / Time to start

Version 3.5.0

2019-10-18 - Content Patch
Added a death penalty of 10 coins and added coin bonuses for killing players, touching the top of the flagpole and finishing on the podium.

Version 3.4.8

2019-10-08 - Content Patch
Added GFX test feature to private lobbies.

Version 3.4.7

2019-10-06 - Content Patch
Added a switch to display other players as Mario.

Version 3.4.6

2019-10-02 - Content Patch
Added page navigator for the skin select page navigator.

Version 3.4.5

2019-09-30 - Content Patch
Added upside-down Piranha Plant.

Version 3.4.4

2019-09-28 - Content Patch
Added hammer-throwing Bowser (maps must be updated first).

Version 3.4.3

2019-09-27 - Content Patch
Support for object animations in assets.json.

Version 3.4.2

2019-09-23 - Content Patch
Tile animations moved to assets.json for easier editing.

Version 3.4.1

2019-09-18 - Content Patch
Add support for multi-layered levels.

Version 3.4.0

2019-09-14 - Content Patch
Allow levels to override the victory music.

Version 3.3.9

2019-09-13 - Content Patch
The "A" button is changed to only jump once per button press. A new control "Turbo A" has been added that works like "A" used to.
Default zoom level changed to be based on browser window size.

Version 3.3.8

2019-09-11 - Content Patch
Added "hurry up" mode. Currently only triggered when the server is going down for maintenance.

Version 3.3.7

2019-09-10 - Content Patch
Added Rename Player feature to dev console
Player name prefixes ([G] and [DEV]) are now generated on the client side

Version 3.3.6

2019-09-07 - Content Patch
Added Dev Console

Version 3.3.5

2019-09-01 - Content Patch
Added leader boards for Wins, Coins and Kills

Version 3.3.4

2019-08-30 - Technical Patch
Player statistics (wins, deaths, kills and coins) are now stored on the server side instead of in cookies.

Version 3.3.3

2019-08-24 - Technical Patch
Smarter skin loading to reduce time spent on "Loading resources".

Version 3.3.2

2019-08-24 - Technical Patch
Levels are now stored on server side and not retrieved via HTTP.

Version 3.3.1

2019-08-15 - Technical Patch
Devs always have their names shown and it is shown in yellow instead of white.
Fixed some bugs related to player spawning when entering the game.

Version 3.3.0

2019-08-15 - Technical Patch
Proper handling of errors when updating profile.

Version 3.2.2

2019-08-10 - Content Patch
More new skins have been added, some with custom music! (Thank you to Rothiseph for helping with music, and to our discord community for the skins).
Xexyz World has been extended and added to Level Select. (Thanks to Piesel for making that world!)
To those of you out there that can, please spread word of the game! We would like our player base to grow so we can add more game modes and worlds in the future.

Version 3.2.1

2019-07-29 - Content Patch
60 new skins have been added to the game!
Hell mode 1-1 has been updated. You can see a walkthrough here:
After this video some slight changes has been done to make the "1 up jump" a little easier.
And, don't let the video leads you to understand that mobs are needed, they aren't.
To be fair, item boxes (aka. mystery boxes with a powerup in it) are now desynced in Hell Mode.
Kills with fire ball in PvP mode now adds to the stats.
Now bullet bills launcher can shoot to the right.
Just use the parameter ",1"

Version 3.2.0

2019-07-28 - Content Patch
Wow, 4 pages of skins!
New icon to toggle private room.
Now you can switch game modes:
Royale mode
The default mode, you know it very well.
PVP mode
It is like the royale mode (for now?), but you spawn with a fire flower and you can hurt other players with it, also, item boxes are desynced in this mode.
Hell mode
Only very hard maps, for now only featuring a new (very incomplete) world 1-1.
New tile definitions:
Damage players when they touch it.
Players can walk on it and jump through it.
Same as SEMISOLID but only small mario can walk on it.
Now password can be changed in main menu when logged-in.
Now water is animated.
Now custom/external music should load correctly in custom levels.
The DMCA world has been updated.

Version 3.1.0

2019-07-20 - Content Patch
Now the skin selector have a pagination to accommodate more skins.
New world: DMCA (D)
Now SFX again work properly in firefox.
Goombas now despawn faster after being bonked.
Now char unique theme music can be disabled or enabled.
Now you can see your stats while logged in.
Guests nickname are now prefixed with "【G】"
Even More Skins!

Version 3.0.0B

2019-07-18 - Content Patch
Our github repository is now in a new location!
Now private lobby setting for guest login is separate from when you're logged in.
Yes! More Skins!
New world: Yoshi Island (YI)
A server-side fix have been done to prevent the "account already in use" bug from happening.

Version 3.0.0

2019-07-18 - Content Patch
Every mod that redirects the lobby/menu music is now outdated, and may make the game fail to function properly. These mods will need a update!
Game timer and player remaining count now show properly on mobile devices.
Skins now have unique theme musics that plays in the whole game.
Lots of portability fixes to our website be more compatible with mobile devices.
Now you can play with your very own acount!
Currently this feature is in beta testing, and is not very useful at all.
Another thing, if you have trouble with a captcha, you can cancel the register and go back to it that a new captcha will be generated!
Skin selection is now correctly backgroundless.
A lot of new skins.
New worlds: Special (S), Minus (M)

Version 2.2.0

2019-07-13 - Content Patch
Yoshi & Infringio have been added to the game as default options.
The lobby has had an overhaul, and now has a secret area.
We added a timer to worlds and also game stats at the podium area.
A ton of backend fixes have been made.
The map sheet has been updated to include new themes.

Version 2.1.11

2019-07-08 - Bugfix Patch
Yes, now we are ! (never mind, we moved our servers and got rid of https, we'll re-add it once we start handling passwords)

Now the star power remains for a little more time after the star music finishes.
It was a disgrace to die because of an miscalculation of the star time, so we fixed it.
You can no longer get stuck in the axe section of the castles.

When you're on the podium, you can now use the jump button to return to the lobby. Also works with gamepad!

When you're on the podium, you can now see the statistics of your performance in the match.
For now the only stats you'll see are players killed and coins collected.
Star power now gets cancelled when you touch the flagpole.

Flagpole speed has been increased.

Version 2.1.10

2019-07-07 - Content Patch
Now default skin is correctly using "smb_skin0.png".

Added world selector (beta) with the custom levels loading option.
For now it is only available in solo private lobby, may not be usable in mobile phones.
Added the possibility to create your own solo private lobby.
Just open the game with private room checked but without a squad code. For now only you can join this lobby as the name suggests.
The victory royale message now uses a texture.

Now the game auto recover the fullscreen mode when in mobile phones.

Now the only way to start a private lobby is with votes, and it can be started with only 1 player.
This has been done due the new world selector, but may be revised if necessary.

Version 2.1.9

2019-07-05 - Content Patch
Rudimentary skin selection added. Default options.

When you die, you are automatically transferred to the lobby.

"Return to lobby" button now shows properly on mobile phones in fullscreen mode.

Spread the new game link as far and as wide as you can!

Version 2.1.8

Jul 04 - Content Patch
The lobby has been updated and it's music has been changed to SMB2 Overworld Theme.

Added a visible logging during game interface load process.

Added button to return to lobby when you die or win.

Added animation to mystery boxes! =D

Version 2.1.7

2019-07-04 - Added a new lobby. CLEAR YOUR CACHE FOR THE NEW FILES.
Now you can visit the edges of the lobby! This lobby will be permanent (until we decide to change it again, anyway).

New Golden Flower powerup added. You can see this to the left of the lobby.

Various world/level fixes have been made based on bug reports. Thank you for the feedback, keep it coming!

Uncommon Connection Interrupted bug has been dealt with.

Added new Victory music when you reach the podium and defeat Bowser.

Various backend bugs have been fixed.

In future updates you will no longer need to clear your cache.

Version 2.1.6

2019-07-02 - Content Patch
Now you can can create your own private lobby.
For now private lobbies are just squad lobbies, that is, a lobby that only players using your squad code can enter.

Version 2.1.5b

2019-07-02 - Hotfix Patch
A fix has been made to stop names from appearing when not using a squad code.

Version 2.1.5

Map tilesheet has been updated. Worlds have been fixed to load the tilesheet properly. (If you still come across bugs, report them in our discord).

The apparent bug where players were unable to win after defeating Bowser has been fixed. The Podium win should now trigger properly.

Lobby has been adjusted to celebrate 1000 discord members! We noticed people were trying to jump out of the lobby boundaries from the cloud so we replaced the lobby music with Van Halen's Jump in 8 bit. Never give up. You'll reach that flower eventually.

An offline level editor is now available on GitHub. This editor is still a heavy W.I.P. Please do give feedback/suggestions for the editor in our discord.

Again, please share the game link ( to as many people as you can. The more players we have, the more testing and bug fixes we can do for an overall better experience for everyone.

Version 2.1.4

Gay Baby Jail has been brought back. This affects lobby hackers as well. Don't hack bro/brodette. Not cool.

A new map sheet has been added. Worlds 3 and 6 have been fixed accordingly. Please report any sprite bugs in the discord.

Lobby cap has been increased to accommodate for the new boost in player numbers.

Other small various bug fixes have happened regarding the server, lobby etc.

Please share the game link ( to as many people as you can. The more players we have, the more testing and bug fixes we can do.

Version 2.1.3

Added an arrow to the discord on the menu.

Menu music & lobby music have been added & fixed.

Sprites now use the original NES pallette & sprite bugs have been fixed.

Other small various bug fixes have happened.

Downloadable version will now be discontinued. If you already have that version, you can continue to use it, but it will no longer be supported in future updates.

Version 2.1.2

2019-06-27 - Fixed some sprite issues. Game now has a fully working online version:
Fixed a problem with the controller image on the menu.

Lobby fence is not coming back. If you want it back use this mod.

Despite what /v/ would have you believe, we are here to stay. Also SQD rules, but you are not forced to use it.

Version 2.1.1

2019-07-27 - Under new management.
Game back up to latest version, minus the "improved" level editor.

Removed the annoying fence in the lobby that was only in the way. Deal with it.

New disclaimer added, discord link added, Menu altered & links removed and text changed for reasons.

Version 1.2.4

2019-06-19 - Bugfix Patch
Performance improvements

Fixed some blocks in Lost - 1

Version 1.2.3b

2019-07-19 - Hotfix Patch
Css changes

Rolling back some stuff from previous patch

Version 1.2.3

2019-06-19 - Bugfix Patch
Fixed invalid object on Lost - 3

Fixed some blocks and added some poison mushrooms to Plus - 2

Experimental stability changes
Hopefully fixes the rare game freezes
Fixed minor desync issue

Fixed bug with simultaneous powerup and death

Version 1.2.2

2019-06-19 - Bugfix Patch
In most browsers it's like ctrl+shift+r or ctrl+shift+d. Ctrl+f5 may work but not always.
Stop asking me about the controls
Read the patch notes reeeeeeeeeeeee!
They were made rebindable 2 patches ago!
Added world Lost-1
So you can stop asking for it
Reduced Pirhana Plant hitbox
Exact amount is 10% off the left and right side
Added star kill counter
Some random anon suggested it so I threw it in
Added cool kids room in lobby

Improved control rebinding app
Fixed an issue where pressing space would retrigger the 'set' button
Now shows hex keycodes and joycodes.
Added poison mushrooms

Minor bugfixes for desyncs and what not

Added japes

Version 1.2.1

2019-06-18 - Hotfix Patch
Fixed spawn bug in world Plus

Changed 1 koopa

Removed memes

Version 1.2.0

2019-06-18 - Content Patch
Added world 6

Added world Plus
This is a custom level I designed. Hope you guys like it.
Added custom control rebinding
Click the controller icon on the bottom right of the main page
Added a simple win counter
Hammer bros are now stompable

Players now gain 1.5s immunity after picking up a powerup

Players are now properly intangible during various uncontrolled states
Fancy way of saying, you shouldnt get killed while on the flagpole anymore
Fixed a random invisible flag pole in 2-3

Various other small changes

Version 1.1.1

2019-06-17 - Hotfix Patch
Fixed World 5
File was only partially saved for some reason. I restored it.
Sprite sheet update
Added bullet bills. You must clear your browser image cache or they will be invisible.

Version 1.1.0

2019-06-17 - Content Patch
Added support for most mobile devices.
General touch screen support. Fairly basic right now and only tested on android chrome.
Added a new feature called "Squad Code".
If you and a friend have the same squad code you will be able to see each others names.
This can be used with as many people as you want.
Leaving the squad code blank will disable it.
Have fun /v/
Added World 5 to map rotation
If you thought world 3 was bad...
General fixes and improvements
This patch added a lot of new features very quickly.
There may be some noteworthy bugs. If you find something broken tweet at me on twitter.
Be sure to include as much information about the bug as you can. Details matter.

Version 1.0.2b

2019-06-16 - Hotfix Patch
Changed a janky value. Super minor change.

Version 1.0.2

2019-06-16 - Bugfix Patch
Server max lifespan changes
General server performance improvements
Star music fixes
Star music now stops and starts properly
Mario physics change
Mario can no longer turn around midair. This allows for reverse jumps.
Removed accidental debug log in last patch
Reduced coins needed for a life to 30
Getting 50 coins was nearly impossible. You now get a life at 30 coins. Better balanced.
Various small tweeks on backend
General performance and bugfixes. Should have no affect on how the game plays.
Vinny played my game
Thank you binny. My life is now complete. <3 <3 <3

Version 1.0.1

2019-06-16 - Performance Patch
Player count reduced to 75 from 99
Both the server and the game client struggle to handle a full 99 players so I'm reducing it for now to help alleviate performance issues on both the backend server and the client renderer.
I also feel like 99 players is a bit overly chaotic right at the start, so hopefully this will make it more manageable.
After all... Most battle royales spread their players over a large area. This game dumps them all in 1 place.
Renderer culling changes
Small change to slightly improve framerates.
Experimental Server Performance Improvements
Made some changes to how the server writes game data to clients. Should be thread safe but may cause problems. I'll roll this back if it breaks things.
Improved support for browsers that don't have a gamepad api
Hopefully fixes a few web browsers that like... no one uses...
Fixed num0 key being wrong keycode

Added more stuff you can't get in the lobby

Planned stuff:
Hopefully will be able to add some new features soon.
Most requested features are: touch controls, squads, and rebindable controls.
Please look forward to it.

Version 1.0

2019-06-15 - Initial release